As of the update yesterday, this year’s Summer Event on Risa is now live! This year brings several new goodies to the table while retaining last year’s rewards. The event runs until 17 July.   Returning stuff includes: Risian Corvette Risian Tropical Birds Floaters Horga’hn Statues Dance Party New hotness includes: Risian Luxury Cruise Liner Looks at Life is Feudal

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Game Preview: Life is Feudal   If Gaming is Life and Life is Feudal then Gaming must be Feudal or something of that nature. A considerable portion of the more hardcore gaming population is what I like to think of as “transient” seeking that holy grail of online games. Gaming nomads jump from game is a community for current and former US Military members that maintains a roster at 95% with the remaining 5% consisting of an auxiliary that is only open to MG member dependents and limited sponsorship. Special thanks to Richard Sykula Jr. for significant contributions to the article.  Richard is an aspiring game developer and former

Monitor’s.  We all need them if you use a computer, but if you are a gamer like me you may be looking to get the best of the best and if that’s the case then every edge you can get matters! If you are looking to buy a new computer monitor arm yourself with a

Okay, so this wasn’t our very first, but it’s the first one I’m going to claim as our first.  The last one was just sort of a test run, a prequel to the madness if you will.  This one I had a guest, a living, breathing person rather than just my random thoughts and the

SOE Live 2013 After Action Report

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So no shit, there I was in Las Vegas, NV at Planet Hollywood.  All good stories have to begin with “no shit, there I was” for it to count, right? This story is about a company on the surface, but once you dig deeper into the Events and background to SOE Live you will start

What Are We Playing in 2013?

Sunday, 18 August 2013 by is home to a wide variety of gamers with one thing in common; service in the US Armed Forces.  After that, things start to diverge and because of that diversity we support a wide range of interests.  Our guilds, clans, outfits, and whatever else you might call your gathering of misfits and gamers are

Time and time again we stand in the breach with the sun on our faces and the last surviving objective at our backs as the zerg swarms over our meager ragtag army with the lowest level weapons and the weakest pieces of armor we could scavenge.  “Forward!” yells our Captain, yet only half the squad

How to Become a Member

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Memberships at are, and always will be, absolutely free. There are three basic categories of user accounts here at Registered Users: A user who has registered an account on our site in order to gain basic access the forums, or who may be awaiting membership approval. Registered users are not considered members. These