Welcome to MilitaryGamers.com, your premier online community dedicated to serving military gamers from all branches of the United States armed forces, both past and present.

What began all the way back in 2007, with nothing more than a dream and a passion to unite military veterans through a common pastime, has evolved into a vibrant, far-reaching community that has achieved worldwide recognition from service members, academia, the media, as well as the entertainment and gaming industries.


MilitaryGamers.com exists to bring US military gamers together and to give back to those who were willing to give all.

MilitaryGamers.com is dedicated to promoting a healthy gaming lifestyle by providing US service members who share a common interest in gaming a community in which they're comfortable to be who they are, share their stories, and socialize with those who truly understand where they've been and what they've been through, because they've been there too. We provide our members with guidance and support for member-run gaming efforts throughout dozens of games, from the most popular titles to the obscure. We also provide veterans benefits assistance and PTSD outreach programming as well through our non-profit and charitable endeavors.

Some highlights of our community:

  • A brand you recognize, and a name you can trust.
  • 4,900+ members that are current and former US military and no civilians, making MG the only true US military gaming community of such size and membership composition.
  • Gaming industry outreach with the purpose of increasing awareness and recognition of veterans within the gaming population, as well as to provide direct feedback and advice on military subject matter to developers who can trust that they're speaking with bona fide US military veterans.
  • 100% service-verified US military staff dedicated to supporting our members around-the-clock.
  • Members that hail from all branches of the US armed forces, of all service statuses, rates, ranks, specialty fields, and walks of life.
  • Active social media presence including Facebook, Steam, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Community-run panels and a physical presence at various gaming conventions across the US.
  • Community-run game branches covering a wide variety of games across all major gaming platforms.
  • Discord server open to our community 24/7.
  • Game servers of various types hosted upon request and maintained by demand.

Whether you're currently serving or have completed your commitment to our nation's armed forces we are here to support you and your family. Not only do we provide direct support in the games that you enjoy playing, but we also offer our members guidance to help them successfully navigate their hard-earned benefits, and in making the transition to a healthy civilian life.

With members from such diverse, and yet common backgrounds, becoming a member opens the door to an ever-growing network of contacts in both the public and the private sectors, many of whom are willing to help you get your foot in the door because they know you possess the skills required to excel in today's world.

Our members run our cabals, clans, corporations, fleets, guilds, organizations, societys, squadrons, units, etc., or what we refer to as our "game branches". These branches cover the full gaming spectrum from PC to Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and even pen and paper and tabletop games. Play how you want, when you want, with the community that supports you, the Military Gamer!

Whether it belongs to the FPS genre like the ArmA series; co-op or indie games like Avorion, Project Zomboid, Life is Feudal, or any number of other multiplayer games, we have the resources to host our very own servers tricked-out the way our community members want them.