View Full Version : To Our Visitors and New Members

Sunday, 11 July 2010, 10:55
If you take a look around and don't see anything about the games you're playing at the moment, that's no reason not to apply for membership or to participate in our community.

MilitaryGaming.net is about getting together with a group of individuals that truly understand you and where you've been. Many members have expressed how relaxing and gaming in an environment strictly composed of other military types is refreshing and can at times even be therapeutic.

We base our current game branches off of what our members are playing and what they plan to play. Some games have larger MG member populations than others. Some are just a few guys who play together. Regardless, we'll support our members however we can, in whatever game they choose to play. The bottom line is we won't know unless you tell us!

So fill out that Games Currently Played field in your profile... We actually do look at that to determine the games we try to make an official presence in.

We also support both XBox 360 LIVE and PS3 Online. Currently we don't list the individual games by forum since participation with console games flows from one to the next more quickly than with PC games. We do, however, have a section for each major console where members can post their player ID's/tags so they can add other members to their friends lists and link up.

So get registered, put in that app., fill out that profile, and start gaming with a group that understands!

Like our motto says, "Only We Know".