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Thursday, 05 August 2010, 15:19
Here is an excerpt from an interview by Eurogamer:

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was set to be one of the most innovative MMOs of the decade, based on a well known franchise and backed by a powerful publisher in Electronic Arts. The game did quite well when it came out, managing to sell more than 1.2 million boxed copies in its first month about and seeing subscription rates reach about 800,000 users. In a few months the game saw its population drop significantly and servers were finally consolidated, leading some to believe that the MMO was going to be shut down.

Eugene Evans, who is the general manager at the newly formed BioWare Mythic entity, has talked to Eurogamer as part of an interview saying, “We’re coming up to two years since the game was released. We’re still running it. The game is profitable. We have a team that’s engaged in it. We’re seeing a great response from the community as they rediscover the game.”

He says that while the game did not prove the World of Warcraft killer many observers made it to be, there are no plans to get rid of it. Evans says, “We’re far from giving up on the game. Here we are two years later, and despite all the naysayers we continue to improve. These games are not defined by the product you have at launch. They’re defined by what you do with the game and how you respond to the community.”

A big part of the constant influx of new players that are interested in Warhammer Online are coming in using the Endless Trial promotion, which allows gamers who are not interesting in paying to experience more of the game than before. The game is set to get a new update soon, complete with new live events.

At the moment BioWare is working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, another high profile MMO which is set to challenge World of Warcraft.