View Full Version : Changes to MilitaryGamers.com Site

Thursday, 06 January 2011, 19:51
We've added the MGA Public TS3 server view to the home page so you can now see who's chatting on both of our TeamSpeak 3 servers. Anyone is welcome on the MGA Public TS3 server.

We've removed the Fox News RSS feed. They lost the right to have news links on our site because of the fact they add their "Features & Faces" to the RSS more often than relevant news headlines. We don't think our visitors should see titles like "Hot Sex Apps" and "Most Wanted Star Body Parts" associated with our organization.

We've added feeds from 1UP.com and Massively.com. You can now get gaming news feeds from these sites as well as MMORPG.com and N4G.com all from our home page.

We noticed that Military.com rarely updated their benefits feed, so in place of that we now have a feed from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs with relevant links to articles on G.I. Bill benefits, laws affecting veterans, etc.

We removed our calendar and events section. It was not utilized enough to warrant fixing the errors it was causing for us in the back end so it was removed entirely.