View Full Version : 50 Full FREE Xsyon MMORPG Accounts Available

Monday, 14 May 2012, 20:25
I still have 42 full account keys available for the post apocalyptic sandbox MMORPG Xsyon.


The game is twitch combat based with a heavy focus on city and homestead building. You can build walls anywhere and terraform the terrain similar to Wurm Online, but with WAY better graphics. Society has collapsed, but it is up to the survivors to rebuild it in their image. Customization of your land and settlements is unprecedented. Build a moat around your land or set up an earthworked bunker. Hunt animals gutting and skinning them to make armor and weapons. The possibilities are endless as is the sand in your sandbox.

Shoot me a PM and I will get you a free account key so you can start rebuilding in the ashes of the apocalypse.

MilitaryGamers.com operates as The Wolverines tribe (Yes, its a Red Dawn reference!) so give a yell /y in game and meet up with us.

EDIT 02 JUN 2012:

I still have 26 account keys left! These are only available to MG.com members either MG or MGA.

Are you an aspiring game developer, want to give feedback to a game that is constantly being updated? I'm looking for people to join my focus group for the game and help improve Xsyon!