View Full Version : Dust Off Your MMORPG.com Accounts

Saturday, 09 June 2012, 17:08

If you could please dust off your MMORPG.com accounts and help out Xsyon with reviews of the game. I'm not asking for 10s or any specific rating from anyone, but simply that you review the game. Xsyon has been gracious enough to give us 50 full accounts for members of the community to use and it would do them a huge favor in return if we could review the game.

If you have an account, please start logging into it to get your activity level up high enough to be able to review games. If you don't have an account, please hop on over to http://www.mmorpg.com and register then log in each day for a week to get your activity level going.

On June 21st I would ask that everyone log in and review the game. That will give us plenty of time to generate the activity necessary. Please give an honest review of the game. Check out Xsyon at http://www.xsyon.com and on Youtube. I also have free account keys for folks who still want to check out the game for free. These aren't trial accounts, they are FULL FREE accounts with 30 days of free game time. Xsyon showed MG.com support so let's show them some support.

EDIT 12 JUN 2012:

Just a quick reminder to keep your MMORPG.com accounts active and start reviewing Xsyon to help them out!

I still have keys available for you to get a feel for the game for your review.