View Full Version : Joint Task Force Viper Working Group - Share Game Tactics/Strategies

Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 21:09

The Joint Task Force Viper initiative is seeking tacticians and strategists to help us develop a joint doctrine between the branches in MilitaryGamers.com and the Silver Sun Republic. We will work to develop game guides and TTPs for our own use and for those in the wider public communities for the games we play. Help us generate content as a service from MilitaryGamers.com and enhance our branches from MMORPGs to FPSs.

Joint Task Force Viper is an effort to create a joint community identity and focus all the energy we have here to leverage our real world and gaming military experience. We have patches, logos and even a mock up for a uniform to have with us at E3 and SOE Live! As part of this initiative we're also branding and reskinning an ARMA III mod with the JTF Viper patches on some of the uniforms to help market our effort.

We'll be meeting this Sunday, the 19th @ 1900 CST on the MilitaryGamers.com Teamspeak at teamspeak.militarygamers.com to discuss future plans and how we want to define our goals and reach for this group.

Bring your ideas, your strategies, your tactics and yourself!