The Code of Conduct applies to all areas of our website, forums, game servers, in-game branches, chat systems, our voice chat servers, or any other area that belongs to The Code of Conduct also applies to the conduct of our members while displaying our tags, logos, or otherwise participating as a member of this community.

Violations of this Code of Conduct will lead to enforcement of our Disciplinary Action Policy and can ultimately lead to dismissal from the community and all games, groups, or other areas in which we participate as a community in name or action, both official and unofficial.


Please keep in mind that discussions may occur within our community that some civilians or those simply not accustomed to the military way of life could possibly find offensive. This is an adult community and upon registration for a membership you are presumed to be 18 years of age or older. Participation in this community is voluntary.

Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting

Cheating, hacking, and/or exploiting game flaws for an advantage or anything of this nature is not tolerated in any multiplayer game that we participate in.

Racism, Religion, Politics, Etc.

Posts of a racist, religious, or political nature will be removed immediately upon discovery and the member who posted the topic will be reprimanded per our Disciplinary Action Policy. Racial or religious slurs made either in-game or on voice chat will also not be tolerated. If the violator is a registered user, and not an actual MG member, they will be promptly banned, without exception.

Political discussions are strongly discouraged.

The members here in this community hail from all walks of life, and all have their own opinions, which the 1st Amendment guarantees their right to have. Nothing can cause people who would otherwise get along just fine, to disagree to the point of actual enmity for one another, faster than these kinds of topics, therefore we reserve the right to filter these topics to prevent them from dividing our membership along lines that do not concern our community, or its mission.


Do not post, or otherwise display, anywhere on our website and/or servers any type of explicit imagery that may be deemed pornographic in nature.


We're a bunch of beer-drinking foul-mouthed war dogs for the most part, so everyone needs to understand that occasional cursing or giving a fellow member a playful ribbing is OK, as long as it stays confined to the MG website, forums, voice server, etc., and the other members present do not take offense, or find such behavior to be excessive. Just so we're clear, what I'm talking about that's not allowed are expletive-filled rants, bad-mouthing other members, or unsportsmanlike conduct towards fellow members or the general public.

If someone, especially a staff member, asks you to adjust your attitude, do so promptly.

Voice Communications

Conversations on our voice servers can get a little rowdy occasionally but we all try to conduct ourselves in a military manner (while having fun) whenever possible. However, headphones are still highly recommended as occasional profanity, within limits, is allowed. As a father myself, I realize that some people have children present at times but it's up to those members to keep our less-dignified conversations from reaching the ears (and mouths) of their children.

Using a push-to-talk (PTT) keybind while on our voice server is considered good etiquette. If you're asked to bind a PTT key by the staff or your fellow members, please do so. If you have a disability or special circumstance that requires you to use voice activation for your microphone, please let us know. If you're not sure how to adjust your settings, the staff or your fellow members are more than willing to assist you, so just ask.

Interservice Rivalry and the Enlisted-Officer Dynamic

We're all proud of our service and the sacrifices we've made for our country. The work one person did is no better--and no worse--than that of any other. When a community is comprised of members who represent every branch of the US armed forces some interservice rivalry is to be expected, and so long as it remains light and friendly, it is perfectly acceptable. Their is a limit to all things, however, so if someone asks you to knock it off, do so.

Our membership also consists of members that were both enlisted as well as commissioned officers, ranging from young privates, fresh out of basic training, all the way through to seasoned field-grade officers. While MG staff members do hold positions of responsibility within the community, there are no fake rank structures here and all military ranks displayed in member profiles were earned by those members. Act professional, and treat all members with a level of military courtesy and respect, regardless of whether or not you are aware of what their actual rank is/was within the military.

Here, just as in the military itself, the number of members who were enlisted is greater than those who held commissions, but while you're here, you're simply another member. Here, we're all equals and we leave our rates and ranks at the door. That said, any ganging up on, or "bashing", of one group on the other will not be tolerated. Again, there is often a fine line between a playful joke that is well-received, and harassment. Until you are familiar with someone, it is always best to err on the side of good judgement. In the end, we're all part of the same community--the same family.

Falsifying Service

If it's discovered that you falsified your military service in order to become an MG member you will be summarily dismissed. While it may seem like just a little white lie to a civilian, it absolutely disgusts those who have served. Thankfully, there are laws out there specifically designed to punish these individuals such as the Stolen Valor Act.

If you haven't served in the US armed forces, you’re simply not eligible for membership.

Solicitations for Funds or Services

Members may not post solicitations for funds or services unless they have received approval from the MG CO, MG XO, or an MG Officer. Vetted fundraising campaigns such as those typically found on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and TwistRate may be posted without prior approval, if they are funding legitimate products or business ventures, but are still subject to review by staff, and may be removed without notification should the content be deemed inappropriate. Criteria for rejection or removal may include, but is not limited to, anything that would bring discredit upon, the US military, or that is deemed to be politically controversial or otherwise socially divisive in nature.

Third-Party Advertising

Members may not post advertisements of any kind, to include, but not limited to, that of any other military or gaming organization, unless they have received approval from the MG CO, MG XO, or an MG Officer. staff members reserve the right to remove any posts, images, links, signatures, etc., as they see fit, without notification.

We're always open to working with and assisting other organizations with similar goals and interests as our own, however, proper channels are available and should be utilized in these situations. Bypassing this community's leadership and presenting your advertisement directly to our community members will not only result in the immediate removal of said material, but is also detrimental to potential future cooperation.

General Disruptions

If you can't control your own behavior, you won't last long here. The leadership of this community has a responsibility to ensure that we create a stable and relaxing environment where all of our members feel welcome. This is not your personal platform to push an agenda. If you receive a warning from the staff here at MG, take it to heart and take corrective measures to ensure that it's not an issue again. Respect your fellow members and they'll respect you. Be responsible for your own actions, and remember that no one is above giving an apology when they are in the wrong.

Basically, act like an adult and you'll be treated like one.

Last Revised: 10 JAN 2023