For those of us that are running Windows Vista we are constantly trying to do things to improve performance. Since a large amount of Processes are "memory hogs" it can seem daunting trying to figure out what you need running in the background and what you do not.

Thanks to a handy tip from Reincus I stumbled upon a couple of things that seem to improve overall gaming performance significantly. The first little known utility is Game Booster ( This program analyzes your background processes’ and shuts down any that are not directly related to either the internet or gaming requirements. The first time I ran it, this little bad boy opened up 443mb of ram, almost half a gig. That equates to a pretty significant increase in reliability and performance. Also included in this tool is a "Game Defrag" utility. It analyzes your selected program, and then on command will re-organize the file structure to improve performance.

Also another utility that is more Age of Conan focused is the add-on By Crom
( Mainly this utility is for custom UI's and such, but it also goes into your windows background finds things that are taking up memory that hinders performance in AoC and shuts them down. Thus freeing up even more memory and also reducing some lag and connectivity issues.

Hope this is helpful!