All, will be supporting this year's efforts to raise money in support of children's hospitals across the nation on 2 Nov 13 beginning at 0800 and running until 0800 the next day. That is 24 hours of nonstop video games to raise money and awareness for children in need of medical care.

FE Warren AFB will be hosting an event at the Fall Hall Community Center on base. Other groups or bases that want to support activities for should contact Brando to get your chapter listed and for planning support. For the wider community we will be hosting the general membership on TeamSpeak 3 giving away prizes throughout the event. Some of the possible events include an epic Civilization V run, Artemis Bridge Simulator 36-man scenarios and ARMA III maps. Come out and support children in need of medical care while sharing some games with your fellow service members.

Register for the event and join the MG team at:

Look out for more information as it comes available!