We play games. We work together. We have fun. This is just what we do. And we want to bring our friends in to have fun with us.
All well and good, but there are a few guidelines we need to follow when recruiting (see Code of Conduct for more in-depth explanations), and it seems to be time to post a reminder of these guidelines.

New MG members -
  • Active duty, reservists, and prior service are always welcome to join, and sign up as "MG".
  • No sponsorship needed, and they sign up as MG. (Don't roll your eyes, some people need the clarification.)
  • MG membership does not expire, but participation is encouraged.

New MGA members -
  • Family members and close friends of active MG members may sign up as "MGA".
  • MGA members must list their sponsor as part of the registration process. Sorry, but the sponsor MUST be an MG member; MGA cannot sponsor other MGA, and "My dad was in the service" isn't good enough - daddy must be a registered MG member.
  • MGA members are subject to periodic "activity checks". Occasionally the staff will ask MGA members to respond to a PM - continued membership depends on responding in a timely manner.

Recruiting new members -
  • Recruiting to MG in game, via Facebook and other social media, and via other websites (the game's homepage, for example) is highly encouraged. However, try to refrain from "poaching"; do not recruit in other guilds' forums.
  • On that note, do not post recruitment messages for other guilds/corps/gaming organizations in the MG forums. They will be deleted. Repeated offenses will result in suspension or termination of MG account.
  • Recruitment messages for programs/organizations which do not conflict with MG (motorcycle clubs, IAVA, your LOLcats page, etc) may be posted, but will likely be reviewed by the moderators.
  • Use good sense when recruiting. If someone is a selfish idiot who's always whining or badmouthing, we probably don't want them. Otherwise...