Attention Branch Leaders, Assistant Branch Leaders, and all who would LIKE to start or take charge of an MG game branch

You are cordially invited to the first Branch Leadership Workshop, to be held in
Teamspeak at 1900 Central on Saturday August 2nd, 2014.
(Of course, "cordially invited" only applies to assistant branch leaders and those who would like to lead a branch. Attendance is mandatory for current branch leaders.)

We've all seen it: A new game comes out, MG (and countless other organizations) start a guild/corps/clan/etc, but the whole thing falls apart after a few months. Why does this happen? Sometimes you can't help it; the game just sucks. Other times, though, there was something lacking in the branch leadership. Our aim is to fix that part of the problem by giving current and future Branch Leaders guidance and new ideas how to create and maintain a successful MG branch.

I have successfully led my Star Wars: The Old Republic branch for just over two years, so when someone suggested this "boot camp", I was nominated to share my methods. I will do so to the best of my abilities, but this only works if people show up. These techniques are relatively simple; they just require the drive to implement and the constancy to maintain.

You may have noticed I said "the first Branch Leadership Workshop". Control of gaming branches tends to change hands, and new games are always popping up, which means we'll need followup workshops. Doubtless there will also be questions about a number of topics, and while you can reach me or the staff at any time (via private message or Steam), group settings offer a greater variety of perspectives and ideas. These followups are planned to take place
quarterly (subject to change), so keep an eye out for later notifications.

See you there!
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Edit: I'm told some people were complaining about feeling they weren't invited to this workshop. Just to be perfectly clear,
THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ATTEND, with emphasis on current and future branch leaders.