Last quarter's Branch Leadership Workshop had an impressive turnout (I thank you for that), so there must be something in the class you wanted to see. I know attendance was mandatory for current branch leaders, but we had a number of people show up for no other reason than they wanted to be there.

That level of interest has inspired me to continue the workshops, so there will be another class on Saturday, November 1st at 1800 Central. Attendance is NOT mandatory this time - a good leader either knows what s/he is doing, or is self-motivated enough to learn without being compelled to attend a class. You'll be happy to hear this class should take no longer than a half hour. I intend this to be the standard duration for future workshops.

The topic for this quarter is Behind the Scenes. Being a good branch leader is not all fun and games. There is a fair amount of work which goes into running a successful branch, work most of your branch members never see, and we're going to look at that in greater detail.

As before, the workshop will be held in Teamspeak, and is open to anyone who wants to learn. Hope to see you there!