Everyone be sure to congratulate Brando!

Brando has been with us since the very early days of Military Gamers and has gone above and beyond over the years to help grow the brand. Brando's hand has helped guide and shape our community from the formative years up to the present. His efforts have been instrumental in putting our community in front of the gaming industry and veterans communities alike by delivering a physical presence. That said, Brando will be stepping into the role of Executive Officer (XO). This is a natural evolution for him and I think everyone will agree that he's well-suited to handle the duties and responsibilities of guiding the community into the future.

Our former Executive Officer, Grunt, will still be here in the community and will always hold a special place of honor as one of MG's founding members. Grunt simply hasn't had the time to devote directly to the needs of the community over the past few years and after some discussion, it was mutually agreed that he should step aside so that the community is better served by those with the time and energy to dedicate towards its growth and continued development.

Be sure to give a hearty congratulations to Brando and wish him luck as he helps guide our community moving forward! Be sure to give thanks to Grunt as well for his many years of service to the community!