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There are two basic categories of user accounts here at

Registered Users: A user who has registered an account on our website in order to gain basic access the forums, or who may be awaiting membership approval.

Registered users are not considered members. These accounts have no access to benefits and limited access to services, including restricted access to our website and forums, and limited use of our voice chat and game servers. Registered users can't take advantage of any other member services or benefits. These accounts are subject to periodic deletion at the discretion of the staff.

MG Members: These accounts have been approved for full membership status due to qualifying military service.

MG members have full access to all benefits and services we provide. These include full access to the various non-public forums, unlimited use of our voice chat and game servers, the privilege of wearing the "MG" tag when competing in online games, and the ability to join our in-game branches. MG members can further benefit from any special offers we may get from the gaming industry, receive prizes, and more. These accounts are not subject to deletion unless the member requests it. membership is open to all service members of any US military branch, past or present. In order to become an MG member, you must be 18 years of age or older and have, at a minimum, successfully completed a basic training course for one or more branches of service.